Joe was very professional and knowledgeable about the inner workings of our website. He was able to improve the look and functionality of the site and increase our efficiency. Highly recommend!
Joe is an amazing person to work with. He's professional and a risk-taker. And that's a good thing! His non-conventional approach makes for a great product that leaves his clients feeling empowered and inspired. He's willing to tackle situations that might be uncomfortable for some and is always pushing the bounds of his abilities. I have solid trust in his instincts rooted in 20+ years of experience.
Whats always been helpful for a repeat client like myself is to see how adaptable Joe is. We often find our way into uncharted territory when working together and he's always keeping up on the latest software and design trends and never delays our progress. Most importantly when working with Joe you feel heard, you feel valued and thats why he's always my first call when it comes to web development, design and consultation.
Joseph worked with me on creating a new website for my photography business in 2017. As a past graphic designer myself with very little experiencing in coding, I came to Joseph with some big design ideas and he taught me a lot about how coding works and what is possible with it. He was able to implement most of my ideas and worked tirelessly to do so until it was just right! For those ideas that really were just too complex or impossible, he worked together with me to collaborate on different ways to uniquely present what I wanted to. He also went beyond that to educate me on the importance of both a site's usability, especially in regards to loading time and how fast the site runs; and on SEO and ranking high in your target audience's searches. I appreciate the care he showed toward my project and I would highly recommend working with him!
Joe's awesome! He did our whole site (www.SoCal.law) from concept to final development. He worked with us to figure out what we wanted and made a site that we're all really proud of!
Joe helped us find the right keys to unlock the potential of our business website. He’s smart with aesthetics, programming and functionality. Definitely worth investing in Joe to get a solid website from the get-go, instead of launching something you’ll have to fix later.
Joseph is very talented and is a great choice for anything web related. Quick, professional, and stylish! He will make your investment look and feel like something like a piece from the future. Would highly recommend!
Joseph helped me create my company website. I love the design and layout that he came up with. He was also pro active in coming to my job sites to document and photograph myself in action which helps give our potential customers a better idea of the process it takes to do our job. As a matter of fact I just received a compliment on my website today. From concept to completion Joseph made it happen in an efficient and timely manner with great customer service. I would definetly recommend his services.
Reliable. On budget. Great communicator.Stylish and he just gets it. Joseph delivered on time and on point.Highest recommemdation as a web developer.
Joe is so good at what he does. I spent countless hours trying to read blogs and watch youtube videos to work on my website myself, but couldn't figure it...
Jo Abraham takes his job very seriously, he is a very knowledgeable man who puts the passion and time into the work he does. He helped us a great deal in getting our website going. Would we recommend him? YES.
I am a web developer. Who do I talk to when I need help? Joseph @ Techie Design.
If your looking for an expert to build your website, Joe is the guy for the task! We were very impressed by how helpful and attentive he was through the entire website development process. We decided to hire Joe because we felt that he was multi-talented, and we felt that he truly wanted to help our business with his excellent web design work. He was able to help us with our logo design. We worked together to create an SEO strategy for our site. We honestly left the design decisions (colors, patterns, pictures, outlines) up to Joe, and he did a wonderful job!Overall, we are VERY HAPPY with our website!Once our website was completed, Joe even took the time to teach us how to manage some important elements of our website. He built our website on Wordpress, and he showed us how we could upload new posts to our blog and he showed us how to make changes to our business hours if we needed to.In my opinion, Techie Design is the best Web Design company in San Diego!
If your looking for an expert to build your website, Joe is the guy for the task! We were very impressed by how helpful and attentive he was through the...
We started our web-site using a web-site builder. It looked good and was functional, but after a year we knew we needed an upgrade. We searched through several companies, but they all seem to lack the professional and friendly designer that we desired. Then we found Techie Design. It is rare for me to find an individual as dedicated to their profession as I, I found this in Joe. Any question we had, he answered, if he couldn't, he found the answer. Joe created an amazing website for us and integrated a booking system that streamlined our entire reservation process. The complements haven't stopped for new web-site along with the inquires into who developed it . Techie design is what a business should be.
We started our web-site using a web-site builder. It looked good and was functional, but after a year we knew we needed an upgrade. We searched through...
Joe is exactly what I have been looking for! He helped me speed up my website and solve several other technical issues that I've been dealing with for months... and it took less than one hour! I'm so excited to have found him and will definitely be calling back in the future. Highly recommend!
I was referred to Joe by a good friend as I was telling her that I needed help with my website. I was hesitant to reach out because I had a misconception that I wouldn't be able to afford a professional to help with my site. The opposite was true. He was able to scale his service for exactly what I needed and produced a beautiful site for my business. He offered more value that I even expected! I am thrilled that I worked with Joe at Techie Design and I consider him a great resource for the future needs of my company. Give him a call!
Joe is a true professional and he does great work! I needed a stylish, clean, and functional website. Joe listened to everything I wanted and then made a website that was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Techie Design to anyone who needs quality work at an affordable price.
Joe is an excellent resource for all things technical. He helped me leaps and bounds in regards to my website and social media platforms. I highly recommend him and his services.
Joe is an engaging and insightful designer to work with. He combines his talents as a web designer with his knowledge of video and photography to create a concept from start to finish. The ideas that Techie Design brings to the table are unique to each client, addressing their potential both in marketing and creative avenues. I highly recommend the company!
If you need website help, no need to look further than Joseph. Collaborative, great attitude, and up for a challenge, Techie Design is great!
The team at TD is super helpful in helping their clients through the process of knowing exactly what they need built and exceeding their expectations with the final product. My band has worked with TD and they have recently consulted on some personal projects. Their advice, knowledge, experience and all around helpful attitude is unparalleled.Highly Recommended.
I am so glad we worked we worked with Joseph. He was able to understand our vision and brought to life. For years I have worked with multiple webmasters, but none were able or willing to take the time to understand what I wanted to accomplish. It's always about what they know and what I don't know. Joe on the other hand, truly assume the consultative role.
Working with Techie Design has been amazing! We have gotten my messaging refined and directed, and my social media engagement has shot way, way up. I've really been able to see what is possible when you do social media well, and with how much content I have to share with the world, I've come to understand better how and when to focus versus diversify. I have seen Joe work with a number of clients across diverse sectors, and seen those businesses grow. Highly recommended!


Previously, I did business under the moniker of ‘Techie Design.’