We Need to Talk About RPG Maker MV

A little over a month ago, I discovered what would be become my life’s current greatest obsession. I’ve always been interested in game development. However, most game developers I knew worked for giant companies, with huge teams, powered by hundreds of programmers.

Based on my experience with big agencies, I don’t want to be part of a corporate ladder. I’ve always fit better with the solopreneur lifestyle. Thus, creating games has always seemed a bit too daunting of a task for me. Two key experiences have changed my perspective on this matter.

What Inspired Me to Make Games

My Nephew Plays Games

He is around five years old. He plays some really low-budget games. While I don’t agree with some of the monetization methods of many of the games designed for young children, I am inspired by the game production style. Games for small children can be easily created on a low-production-budget.

My Students Play Games

I am a part-time middle school teacher. My students are mostly gamers. The games they love are not necessarily graphically intense. Many of their favorite games could be created on a minimal budget. Seeing what gets them excited has inspired me.

How I Discovered RPG Maker MV

One night I was randomly browsing through the Steam store. If you don’t know, Steam is a platform that sells high-budget and indie games alike. It would not surprise me if Steam was the most prominent marketplace for games on the internet.

I didn’t even know that Steam sells software until recently. I was randomly browsing through software and I came across RPG Maker MV. I visited the engine’s website and decided to download the free trial.

Upon opening the platform I was instantly transferred to the gaming platform of my childhood. It reminded me of games like Final Fantasy IV, V, and IV. Thus I made the first version of my game within a week. What I discovered is that my skills in creating websites and mobile applications translated nicely to indie game development.

Streaming on Twitch

I have been streaming my game development process on twitch six days a week. So far I have been getting a notable response and connected with many other game developers. Furthermore, many times I get stumped with my project, and another experienced developer, has chimed in and helped me with the issue.


The name of my game is Familia. It follows a family’s conflict against an evil empire. It is reminiscent of 90s style Japanese Role-playing games. Feel free to check it out if you want more info.